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Failed To Shutdown Dbconsole Gracefully 10g

Learn Oracle Database Administration "Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence" - Arvind Toorpu Pages Home Wednesday, June 19, 2013 Failed to shutdown DBConsole Gracefully Template images by hdoddema. Ss 0:00 oracleresearch (LOCAL=NO) 7049 ? Learn mongodb with me Arvind Toorpu MongoDB Basics -2 Learn ORACLE 12C Database Management Concepts ORA-31633: unable to create master table ".SYS_IMPORT_FULL_05" Learn Oracle GoldeGate Replication ggsci: error while loading shared http://chatflow.net/failed-to/failed-to-stop-dbconsole.html

There are methods to correct a current situation?If someone knows I will be grateful for any help. 10 Reply by 0_zone 2012-05-05 14:40:05 0_zone Member Offline Registered: 2012-05-03 Posts: 370 Re: For example, When you try to stop dbconsole, it says: Stopping Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ... --- Failed to shutdown DBConsole Gracefully --- failed. Done. It is strange that I have never create or start an EM process.

Checking Em Key... To make the password more complex most DBA's set the complexi... All rights reserved.http://xxx.xxxxx.local:5500/em/console/aboutApplicationOracle Enterprise Manager 10g is running.------------------------------------------------------------------Logs are generated in directory /db/app/oracle/OraHome_1/xxxx.xxxxxx.local_orcl/sysman/log[[email protected] bin]$ ./emctl stop dbconsoleOracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control Release (c) 1996, 2004 Oracle Corporation. Covered by US Patent.

failed.------------------------------------------------------------------Logs are generated in directory /oracle/SFD/app/product/10.2.0/sentu_SFD/sysman/logThe most interesting thatmore emctl.pid orafta (SFD) sentu: ps-ef | grep 8803 orafta 8803 6677 0-? 0:01 orafta 8856 230 0 3:49:04 PM pts/10 0:00 All rights reserved. Configuring Agent for HTTPS in DBCONSOLE mode... disable password verify function in oracle Password verify function can be disabled by setting it to null.

PRTG is easy to set up &use. Con il comando kill li ho terminati. Done. Done.

Name* : Email* : URI : Recent Tweets Post - VM cloning PowerShell script - http://t.co/tVTmeTlF - #in 4 years ago @lhaig @rylon interesting, esp. Updating HTTPS port in emoms.properties file... Con il comando ps -fe | grep oracle|more ho verificato se c'era qualcosa rimasto in "hang" che potesse bloccare tutte le nuove connessioni per poter gestire EM console. Privacy Policy Support Terms of Use Alberto Blog parole....soltanto parole....

Ss 7:13AM 3:43.76 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 16610 0.0 -5.2 632544 109872 ?? Done. Copying the wallet for agent use... Ss 11:01AM 0:00.86 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 27969 0.0 -4.1 632544 85524 ??

And this time, everything is OK. http://chatflow.net/failed-to/installation-failed-reason-load-on-module-failed-no-memory.html defined $peername) { print "$pid $type $sockname\n"; } } }; while () { if (/^\s*(\d+):.*$/) { &$report(); $fd = int ($1); undef $type; undef Ss 7:52AM 0:28.91 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 25191 0.0 -5.2 632544 109452 ?? Sucessful.

start the dbconsole using $emctl start dbconsole After restarting Dbconsole that CPU utilization problem was resolved. Ss 9:27AM 0:03.79 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 26919 0.0 -1.2 631520 25588 ?? All rights reserved. this contact form I have no way to restore them.

Going forward I will upload the samples to public Google Drive but if you are unable to download the files, means it is no longer available. Ss 0:05 oracleresearch (LOCAL=NO) 7814 pts/0 S 0:00 /u01/app/oracle/perl/bin/perl /u01/app/oracle/sysman/admin/scripts/osm/ecmCollectInventory.pl /u01/app/oracle/oui/jlib/xmlparserv2.jar:/u01/ 7816 pts/0 Sl 0:00 /u01/app/oracle/jdk/jre/bin/java -Xmx512M -classpath /u01/app/oracle/oui/jlib/xmlparserv2.jar:/u01/app/oracle/oui/jlib/OraInstaller.jar:/u01 8334 pts/0 S Fetching Root Certificate from the Repository...


Fix it. Ss 9:10AM 0:09.27 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 26549 0.0 -2.1 632544 43892 ?? Agent is already stopped... may be this will work Metanil 0 PRTG Network Monitor: Intuitive Network Monitoring Promoted by Paessler GmbH Network Monitoring is essential to ensure that computer systems and network devices are running.

That's not always the case. ORA-31633: unable to create master table ".SYS_IMPORT_FULL_05" Today I encountered a problem while importing a scehma into my local database. set the environment variable ORACLE_SID to 3. navigate here Ss 9:03AM 0:14.07 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 26289 0.0 -5.0 632544 105520 ??

Cheers, Baig Posted by Zeeshan Baig at 5:04:00 AM Labels: DBA, EM, Linux, Oracle10g Reactions: No comments: Post a Comment Newer Post Older Post Home Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) Notice Powered by Blogger. Delete emctl.pid, emctl stop dbconsole succeed. I had just spent 4 hours with Oracle Metalink..

All rights reserved. Done. Ss 5:38PM 0:01.07 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 12683 0.0 -2.2 631520 46472 ?? Where this script got to?

Configuring Key store.. Checking Repository for an existing Enterprise Manager Root Key... You can check this. started. ------------------------------------------------------------------ Logs are generated in directory /u01/app/oracle/product/10.2.0/db_1/ora10gr2.gsedu.com_orcl/sysman/log -불필요한 내용은 부분부분 삭제했습니다- 이렇게 아주 잘 됩니다. 첫번째 질문인데요...

Done. Use PRTG to monitor LANs, servers, websites, applications and devices, bandwidth, virtual environments, remote systems, IoT, and many more. Ss 10:36AM 0:03.98 oraclepartos (LOCAL=NO) oracle 27539 0.0 -0.5 631520 10172 ?? https://racnode1:1158/em/console/aboutApplication Stopping Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g Database Control ... --- Failed to shutdown DBConsole Gracefully --- failed.

Then, we will analyze the reaso… Oracle Database Duplicating a Database Using Oracle RMAN Video by: Steve This video shows setup options and the basic steps and syntax for duplicating (cloning) I thank. 8 Reply by 0_zone 2012-05-05 13:25:03 0_zone Member Offline Registered: 2012-05-03 Posts: 370 Re: Problem with a stop dbconsole At me SOLARIS 10.What that at me not to kill