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Failed To Extract Collision Data Non-triangle Mesh

Read more about it here. Parameters adddeltatime - If true will add the ‘deltatime' tag, which is necessary for trajectory sampling If velocities groups already exist, they are checked for and/or modified. See Resource File Formats. This is particularly useful, for example, when rendering the mesh of the convex shape. his comment is here

The Plane lies on the YZ plane with "above" pointing towards positive X. The robot should not be added the environment when calling this function. ReadRobotXMLFile((Environment)arg1, (str)filename) → object :¶ RobotBasePtr ReadRobotURI(const std::string & filename) Creates a new robot from a file with Creating a PxConvexMesh requires cooking. Do not call inside a SimulationStep call Save((Environment)arg1, (str)filename) → None :¶ void Save(const std::string & filename, SelectionOptions options = SO_Everything , const std::string & selectname = "" ) Saves a

Parameters fTimeElapsed - time elapsed in simulation environment since last frame class openravepy.openravepy_int.DOFAffine¶ Bases: Boost.Python.enum DOFAffine Selects which DOFs of the affine transformation to include in the active configuration. We are making improvements to UA, see the list of changes. Lock((Environment)arg1) → None :¶ Locks the environment mutex. This allows multiple instancing of the same mesh with different scale factors applied.

Try to use the PxConvexFlag::eINFLATE_CONVEX flag." I have no idea what this is talking about. Parameters bodies - filled with all the bodies GetBodyFromEnvironmentId((Environment)arg1, (int)arg2) → object :¶ KinBodyPtr GetBodyFromEnvironmentId(int id) Get the corresponding body from its unique network id. It is specified by a radius and a half-height value by which its axis extends along the positive and negative X-axis. Board index All times are UTC Powered by phpBB Forum Software © phpBB Group Home Bullet Download Documentation Forum Physics Simulation Forum Login Register FAQ Search View unanswered

Geometry¶ Introduction¶ This section discusses the PhysX geometry classes. Please use either "TriangleStrip" or "Triangles". LockPhysics( (Environment)lock, (float)timeout) -> None : Locks the environment mutex with a timeout. ReadInterfaceURI((Environment)arg1, (str)filename) → Interface :¶ InterfaceBasePtr ReadInterfaceURI(InterfaceBasePtr pinterface, InterfaceType type, const std::string & filename, const AttributesList & You may have to register before you can post: click the register link above to proceed.

Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices. PxGeometryHolder is a union-like class that allows the return of a PxGeometry object by value, regardless of type. Defined in Robot Concepts. Parameters g - the group whose name, dof, and interpolation are extracted.

Each mesh (or height field) has a reference count that tracks the number of PxShapes whose geometries reference the mesh. Height Fields¶ Local space axes for the height fields are: Row - X axis Column - Z axis Height - Y axis As the name suggests, terrains can be described by Compute mass and inertia tensor assuming density is 1 Save data to stream. See Resource File Formats.

With and without "Convex" turned on, the sphere that I create to put on the platform (with Rigidbody and Sphere collider) simply falls through my platform. http://chatflow.net/failed-to/failed-to-extract-required-files-from-archive-diablo-iii.html Here is what my map currently looks like without modding it. This allows much faster create of the heightfield, since the edges are already precomputed. Some indices are referencing out of bounds vertices.

See Resource File Formats. snrubeoj · May 18, 2015 at 07:27 PM 0 Share Well, I definitely have all triangles. Quit = openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Quit¶ Reject = openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Reject¶ Success = openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Success¶ names = {'Quit': openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Quit, 'Success': openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Success, 'Reject': openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Reject}¶ values = {0: openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Success, 1: openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Reject, 2: openravepy.openravepy_int.IkFilterReturn.Quit}¶ class openravepy.openravepy_int.IkParameterization¶ Bases: Boost.Python.instance ComputeDistanceSqr((IkParameterization)arg1, weblink If SendCommand sent, returns true when the command was completed by the hand.

GetNumberOfValuesFromType((IkParameterizationType)type) → int :¶ int GetNumberOfValues() Returns the number of values used to represent the parameterization ( >= dof ). Parameters body - the pointer to an initialized body bAnonymous - if true and there exists a body/robot with the same name, will make body's name unique Exceptions openrave_exception - Throw For now, the two cannot be divided.

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atts - The attribute/value pair specifying loading options. It is assumed here that the cooking library has already been initialized (see Startup and Shutdown.): PxTriangleMeshDesc meshDesc; meshDesc.points.count = nbVerts; meshDesc.points.stride = sizeof(PxVec3); meshDesc.points.data = verts; meshDesc.triangles.count = triCount; meshDesc.triangles.stride This requires the user to always store the handle in a persistent variable if the plotted graphics are to remain on the viewer. or their parent making them ideal for performing separte planning experiments while keeping the parent environment unchanged.

To create a dynamic actor whose geometry is a capsule standing upright, the shape needs a relative transform that rotates it around the Z-axis by a quarter-circle. Welcome to Unity Answers The best place to ask and answer questions about development with Unity. The sensors come from the currently loaded robots and the explicitly added sensors GetSimulationTime((Environment)arg1) → int :¶ uint64_t GetSimulationTime() Return simulation time since the start of the environment (in microseconds). check over here The robot is not added to the environment when calling this function.

Geometries are value types, and inherit from a common base class, PxGeometry. Unity Community - Error unity_authentication_failed Your name or email address: Password: Forgot your password? Starting with SDK 3.3, we have introduced a new alternate Heightfield collision path that routes height field triangles to the triangle mesh collision narrow phase, which ensures uniform results. The body should not be added to the environment when calling this function. ReadKinBodyData( (Environment)arg1, (str)data, (dict)atts) -> object : KinBodyPtr ReadKinBodyData(KinBodyPtr body, const std::string & data, const AttributesList &

Return first KinBody (including robots) that matches with name GetLoadedProblems((Environment)arg1) → object :¶ boost::shared_ptr< void > GetModules(std::list< ModuleBasePtr > & listModules) Returns a list of loaded problems with a pointer to