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failed to start the x server linux mint nvidia

crystal report windows forms viewer failed to open the connection

failed to create the requested registry key vmware

failed to contact key server evochron mercenary

the application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000022

failed to start game (missing executable) mac steam

failed to connect to remote server sybase

failed to load users passwords role files

failed to load resource undefined/

unable to find lookup mp(s) in registry, ad, dns and wins

error binding socket address already in use

failed to start nsr portmapper service

failed to install .apk on device 'emulator-5554 (null) launch canceled

error getting configuration info from the database

failed to create local vnc listener on

failed to list savecore dir contents

failed to read file world maps azeroth azeroth

failed to retrieve data from the database vendor code 208

vmotion fails at 67

failed to start kmsemulator.exe

failed to expand acl string

failed to load library urlmon.dll

failed to get local domain workgroup name alfresco

failed to initialize ttm buffer manager. falling back to classic

failed to obtain specified collection struts

kali linux reaver warning failed to associate with

failed to create unit file /run/systemd/generator/tmp.mount

failed to set the policy mode. error - the system cannot find the file specified

failed to get the boundary. asp

failed to load bkg

failed to open stream wordpress

failed to run a wmi query for wmi events

error: failed to receive handshake response. result: -7

image failed to decode using jpeg decoder android

failed to start new browser session java.lang.runtimeexception

failed to initialize direct music audio wine

could not connect to one or more vcenter server systems 443/sdk appliance

c# datatable disable constraints

failed to checkout license sybase

sharepoint 2013 failed to register sharepoint services timeoutexception

failed to read network stream viewsat

failed to get varient

ardamax keylogger remote installation

failed to load sstab from tabctl32.ocx

zkemkeeper.dll 64 bit download

failed to start apache activemq transport connector could not be registered in jmx

failed to load shared library jvm.dll

failed to create surface

failed to prefetch server remedy

ob_end_flush(): failed to delete and flush buffer. no buffer to delete or flush

failed to copy the file pbsvc.exe

svnrdump failed to get lock on destination repos, currently held by

msg: failed to get sainfo.

reaver failed to associate fix

failed to obtain directory listing from remote node

reason 442 failed to enable virtual adapter windows 10

failed to upgrade sharepoint products 2013

failed to create java vm tibco designer

gfi faxmaker failed to send fax : handshaking failed

java failed to validate certificate fix

mapiexceptionunexpectedmailboxstate: unable to delete mailbox. (hr=0x80004005, ec=2634)

warning: failed to evaluate installed rule, updateid = {818701af-1182-45c2-bd1e-17068ad171d6}

failed to communicate with gksu-run-helper

the cryptographic services service failed to initialize the catalog database.

failed to move uploaded file to media directory

apache2.service failed

failed to create management database biztalkmgmtdb on server 2009

failed to save document rslogix 500

failed to initialize cipher - rijndael-128/cfb

application error failed to find steam jade empire

adobe failed to load its core dll windows 10

failed to create /var/lib/alternatives/ permission denied

failed to start service jboss.web.connector.http

failed to open waveform output device r4

failed to get patch patchlist txt

chroot failed to run command /bin/bash exec format error

rsync chgrp failed operation not permitted 1

failed to write frame asterisk

bacula test client connection

cydia failed to fetch repo

failed to build vmnet. failed to execute the build command.

ifup failed to open lockfile /run/network/.ifstate.lock permission denied

failed to boot 2 photon

failed to enter programming mode got 0xc0

failed to terminate rs232

failed to load receiver assembly

failed to initialize rendering subsystem conan

failed to download content 2999

cannot run game failed to set up graphics system fm 2016

failed to read firewall configuration vista eset

failed to get attributes of etc resolv.conf

failed to verify router settings tp link

smbpasswd failed to add entry for user centos

failed to rename cohupdater prv

failed with error connection closed by remote host, possibly due to timeout (195887167).

failed to login user not premium

c# binding failure xmlserializers

apoint.exe alps set mouse monitor error

chan_sip.c: failed to authenticate device

mysql purge master logs

failed to load configuration settings

failed to load module evdev module requirement mismatch 0

failed to initialize direct3d with current settings tomb raider underworld

failed to launch web update wizard ui

failed to initialize the appdomain system io fileloadexception

ruby ibm_db example

gameguard check error ran online

failed to load msxml.dll

failed to set xfermode err_mask 0x40

wmi failed to connect to local computer

failed to register .srg file

failed to load vbalgrid malwarebytes

colord failed to get session no such device or address

failed to lazily initialize a collection of role no session

failed to load mof

crysis 2 crack indir

failed to download file catalog.z from site

failed to retrieve share list from server connection refused

failed to load x11 frontend module

failed to determine host ip address mcafee

failed to refresh site code. error 0x8000ffff 2012

failed to execute ocr command gocr

failed to get proc address for setdlldirectoryw kernel32.dll

failed to write to the velocity cache sharepoint

failed to connect to socket tmp fam root

failed to bring up vip

failed to load transportscan module


failed to connect. connection string is provider=sqlncli.1

failed to load msxmlsql.dll sql server 2012

arcgis collector failed to create replica

failed to read the default inventory image file

failed to load showit xml

conflict (submodule): merge conflict in

application failed to initialize properly 0xc0000142

failed to insert module 'autofs4 oracle linux

failed to load applicationcontext junit spring

fastcgi: failed to connect to server "/usr/lib/cgi-bin/php5-fcgi": connect() failed

failed to create dbus proxy for org gnome

failed to mount windows share permission denied ubuntu

failed to launch rads system rads_user_kernel.exe

failed to uninstall the device may be required

nhl 16 failed to retrieve data please try again later

failed to create the virtualbox client com object

failed to make rslv connection ora-02063

failed to open summary database

document failed to print hp

failed to create asp object for remote.asp

failed to generate exchange granular restore catalog for edb file

failed to delete all repository objects for project

failed to register msaddndr dll visual basic

failed to execute test windows remoteexec

failed to create instance of dmo filter mp3 decoder dmo

ssis excel source failed to retrieve long data for column

failed to convert unv to unw bo

failed to initialize the ipsec driver


failed to install catalog files service pack

failed to find dssi-vst-server executable

failed to reserve track invalid field in cdb

failed to validate database parameters hp alm oracle

mail() failed to connect to mailserver at localhost port 25 verify your smtp and smtp_port

failed to open the mpeg encoder

ipswitch failed to load resource dll

failed to create xml-dom document

kali some index files failed to download. they have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

failed to initialize wma message routing support j2me

error -27794: failed to connect to server in loadrunner

failed to start aircrack ng aircrack ng executable windows 7

failed to create level directory sandbox 3

weston failed to initialize egl

file_get_contents failed to open stream php

failed to initialize monitor device vmware fusion

failed to set calendar selected range delphi

failed to open graphics server windows 7

failed to register a vbscript dll outlook 2007

failed to obtain transactiondispenserinterface result code

failed to parse runtime descriptor java.lang.classcastexception

failed to read icons from file xenapp 6.5

failed to get apples5l8920xarm7m

failed to take master pipe connection lock portal

apoint.exe alps_setmousemonitor error

failed to set machine spn: constraint violation

failed to initialize hal aspire one

ftp_get failed to open stream no such file or directory

failed to create the z buffer. possibly out of memory

failed to install web servicesjax-rpc bindings for

failed to download catalog.z

failed to receive update list pangya

failed to initialize directdraw plants vs zombies

failed to initialize sophos anti virus interface

matlab failed to start a parallel pool

failed to send 'clear' to local ypserv

failed to boot jboss java.lang.illegalstateexception incompletely deployed

failed to create d3d device steam

autodiscover settings weren't obtained when the autodiscover post request was sent.

failed to reorder the guide curves

fopen failed to open stream permission denied windows

error 1904 module failed to register crystal reports

failed to write command file

failed to save preferences google calendar

failed to recover from global-overflow prolog

virtuawin hotkeys not working

sabnzbd qnap

failed to load control from mscomctl.ocx

problem: failed to create task or type for cause: the name is undefined.

failed to initialize sever list emule

ora-01562 failed to extend rollback segment number 9

failed to copy spupdsvc.exe

failed to load toolbox item workflow

failed to verify ms dtc service account

result code: vbox_e_file_error (0x80bb0004)

70-persistent-net.rules missing ubuntu

failed to open ldap connection

youtube upload failed can't process file

rsa token import failed error in tkn library invalid access mode

failed to initialize directx 11 hitman absolution skidrow fix

failed to install catalog files sbs 2003

handshake error: failed to receive client hello. client disconnected

failed to activate core devices wineskin

failed to connect to server (code 1006) digitalocean

an extended error has occurred failed to save local policy database server 2012

failed to start service jboss.deployment.subunit

windows xp error 0xc000001d

/etc/freeradius/sql.conf[22]: instantiation failed for module "sql"

failed to enable constraints reportviewer

failed to enable crypto php

failed to open to wmi namespace 8007045b

failed to mount not authorized to perform operation xfce

tomcat fail - failed to deploy application at context path

failed to remove nat-pmp mapping eport

failed to impersonate the anonymous user for asp

failed to execute url iis7

failed to initialize plugin-side rpc client connection

failed to locate supported file types memory card manager

failed to write memory at 0xe000

failed to open vdpau backend ubuntu

failed to load module vesa

failed to get next job id block

failed to download package files ubuntu 11.10

couldn't connect to accessibility bus failed to connect to socket /tmp/dbus

the system failed to register host (a or aaaa) 8018

failed to register user reckless racing

syncios unsupported device

failed to convert mount point /dev/md/dsk/d0 to prom name

failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of 16777216 bytes

failed to open obd-ii connection

memory to leave in sql server

failed to initialize renderer civ4

powershell update-help failed to update

check that kernel supports aes-xts-plain64 cipher

failed to read sector unrecovered

biztalkassemblyresourcemanager failed to complete end type change request

webconfigurationmanager openwebconfiguration web config

error timeout to start agent

failed to read artifact descriptor eclipse

failed to load offline asset store page

failed to join domain unable to open secrets database ubuntu

failed to convert property value of type 'java.lang.string' to required type 'int'

failed to instantiate ch qos logback classic loggercontext junit

failed to load main-class manifest attribute from antlr.jar

failed to open printer port

failed to register a vbscript dll outlook 2016

failed to connect to the network blackberry wifi

failed to uncompress chrome archive

strict field resolution and no field mapping can be found for the field with name

repair 1394 connection failed to query tcp/ip

failed to connect to ghostcast server with ghostcode

failed to deserialize getcertificate request data

failed to launch bootvis

failed to extract collision data non-triangle mesh

failed to read header on stream

component 'flash.ocx' or one of its dependencies not correctly registered

failed to initialize goldmine

failed to load word project 64

failed synonym

failed to open a secure terminal session key exchange failed

failed to claim ppdev

albion online

failed to set the object store size

ultravnc failed to connect to server

wlstexception: error occured while performing connect : user: weblogic, failed to be authenticated.

norton 360 liveupdate failed to complete

installation failed. reason load on module failed - no memory

non fatal error 0x80070057 in sending task sequence execution status message to mp

failed to create d3d device csgo

smartaudio windows 10

failed to connect socket to '/var/run/libvirt/libvirt-sock': no such file or directory

failed to load com32 file menu.c32 tails

smbpasswd failed to find entry for user

failed to connect to server crossfire

failed to load the library dts.dll

failed to set up sockaddr for ipv6

failed to stop dbconsole

nmap failed to open device eth0 windows

failed to start a managed process after the maximum retry limit in obiee

can't connect to this network

failed to load boot.dol from front sd card reader

failed to call wbcsidtouid: wbc_err_domain_not_found

failed to copy spupdsvc.exe to system32 ie8

failed to verify username minecraft server

mfehidk.sys bsod

failed to launch the server returned resourceunavailable

failed to resolve server name kloxo

this document failed to print windows xp

failed to verify whole-file signature galaxy s3

failed to initialize properly 0xc000012d

ubuntu desktop not loading after login

failed to lock volume for exclusive access

initpki.dll failed to load

failed to load viewstate the control tree into which

failed to get debounce clock

failed to validate pom for project maven

failed to get mixer device caps ventrilo

gem install mysql2 windows

session_start(): failed to initialize storage module: user

grub mkconfig failed to connect to lvmetad

failed to reach erlang port mapper

error at db commit, return code 001024

failed to decrypt using provider 'dataprotectionconfigurationprovider' app config

failed to open fsuipc connection

failed to load lsc winnt/2000/xp parallel port driver

javax.xml.xpath.xpathfactory:2: illegal configuration-file syntax

how to configure synergy on windows 7

failed to register ieframe dll

failed to dlopen /usr/lib/

error failed to open the connection

failed to execute init error

failed to require from root

failed to set server as the active sysvol with 2662

failed to reserve contiguous memory of size sql server 2000

failed to locate supported file types or

failed to resolve the site id for

veeam failed to initialize disks collection for original vm

snaps failed to upload memories

failed to read boot.elf

failed to unlink workfile

rainbowmage plugin initialization failed

failed to start initialize storage subsystems

openthreadtoken example

failed to initialize sqlbase api

failed to join domain: failed to find dc for domain

failed to create .net frameworks propertygrid component windows 7

failed to create virtual serial port windows 7

failed to backup file or folder

failed to restore virtual machine state saved critical

report builder failed to preview report the permissions granted to user

failed to create d3d device left 4 dead 2

failed to launch rpcss mainwin

failed to initialize network connection hidden and dangerous

prct 1011 failed to run getcrshome

failed to connect to mailserver at

installer failed to initialize adobe cs6 mac

failed to create the mailbox

failed to connect cdm

failed to read header on stream tcplocal=

failed to open rowset crystal report error

mpi_init: ibv_create_cq() failed

.gemrc because it doesn't contain valid yaml hash

failed to validate certificate the application will not be executed

failed to write session data (files)

msxml2.domdocument methods

valgrind failed to start tool 'memcheck' for platform 'x86-linux'

domdocument::load(): i/o warning : failed to load external entity

failed to create tray icon windows 7

failed to start unrealircd nt service

failed to receive broadcast e202 sharp

failed to read the list of archives

mcafee epo 5.3 failed to connect to the software catalog server

failed to create component axhost windows media player

rlm_eap: ssl error error:0200100d:system library:fopen:permission denied

failed to register service principal name exchangemdb

failed to load internet connection wizard helper

mcafee "[0xee000005] failed to deserialize type"

slim failed to execute login command freebsd

failed to backup parallels

failed to delete the mailbox of

sphinx no such file or directory; not serving

module disk power on failed failed to start the virtual machine

failed to find defaultsearchbase

teslacrypt decrypt tool

uncaught error: ajax client-side framework failed to load.

failed to read iiswebs table forefront

failed to execute jsp lifecycle icefaces

failed to load module fbdev gentoo

the module failed to load regsvr32 windows 7 32 bit

the vmotion failed because the destination host did not receive data from the source

failed to connect to the specified server. do you want to continue

ioerror: error reading file failed to load external entity

failed to connect to ea online bf1

failed to set property 'serviceprincipalname' 0x32

failed to receive a notification from the integration service

mount_osxfusefs failed to mount operation not permitted

failed to install virtualcenter agent service esx 3.5

failed to create virtual machine xendesktop 5.6

windows 7 failed to internally open package. [hresult = 0x800f0805 - cbs_e_invalid_package]

arch linux pacstrap failed to install packages to new root

failed to connect to the www server. fw-1

scatter error in keil

failed to nobulate back to the manufacturing media

failed to build the list of regular subfolders under d system volume information

failed to grant permission to execute dll

bisystemuser failed to be authenticated

failed to join domain: failed to set machine spn

failed to load library xinput1_3.dll windows 10

failed to mmap

failed to read target windows 7 ini file.e

failed to open tcp connection ruby

failed to create /home/.usermin permission denied

failed to resolve dependencies grails

failed to create transport permission denied csipsimple

failed to open the file resources.en-us.resx

unit mysqld.service failed to load: no such file or directory.

failed to create direct3d device object d3derr_invalidcall

jbas018759: failed to load module:

failed to create a folder in mailbox blackberry

failed to initialize audio hardware avid mac

failed to start the database service mssql$officeservers

[execute sql task] error: failed to acquire connection

failed to enable crypto composer

failed to create wma source filter ford racing 2

failed to create required virtual adapter netscreen

invalid raster dataset. failed to create raster layer

java.lang.illegalstateexception failed to load applicationcontext junit spring

failed to allocate a managed memory buffer of 268435456 bytes

failed to retrieve call configuration from qlikview server

problem: failed to create task or type if cause: the name is undefined.

failed to construct test pipeline alsa

response: 200 ok failed to create listen socket, aborting connection closed

internaloautherror: failed to obtain request token

warning include() failed opening for inclusion

no such profile: a2dp_sink

directx failed to initialize virtual dj 8

failed to get the boundary

failed to process tld with path and uri

superduper failed to establish ownership

how to enable sqlnet tracing in oracle 11g

wordpress failed to connect to ssh2 server

failed to load the client dll left 4 dead 2 fix

error 15100 the resource loader failed to find mui file

failed to read dvd 263

xsane failed to open device pixma

failed to create the gpo for the domain

failed to configure glib

battlefield 1 failed to connect to ea online

failed to create designer system windows forms design

failed to load given url img in html

failed to receive broadcast sharp aquos

failed to obtain system account information for the aspnet account

failed to open a session on the device epson scanner

ubuntu 16 failed to start session

hresult = 0x80004005 - e_fail

failed to push data into queue

failed to emerge dev-python/pycairo-1.10.0-r2

txt_db error number 2 openssl

failed to open audio pipeline sam

failed to create transport permission

sepm failed to connect to the server

failed to resolve schema nsuri location persistence unit

failed to create empty document mmc 2003

failed to install tomcat7 service check your settings and permissions

failed to open the biar file reason

failed to open stream permission denied php fopen

failed to lock vertex buffer in cmeshdx8 lockvertexbuffer fix

failed to install adapter netscreen windows 7

failed to initialize directx dead rising

failed to load the nvidia kernel module ubuntu 11.10

failed to enroll for one domain controller certificate 0x80070005

failed to find a solution. singular matrix

failed to run service windows xp

failed to update the system registry oracle discoverer

ioerror failed to write data django

proftpd setenv tz

failed to create out-of-proc server for application

the root element of the document is not

failed to update system registry autocad

failed to initialise 3d audio

failed to generate sarg report

failed to read pxe settings

failed to connect to all servers listed. making another pass

itunesadmin dll failed to register hresult ajax client-side framework (scriptresource.axd) failed to load

dnet: failed to open device eth0

failed to read known_hosts from

nicedit icons not showing

ffmpeg.dll download

carbon datetime::__construct(): failed to parse time string

failed to acquire org.gnome.sessionmanager

the assembly with display name failed to load

failed to access remote system registry, system error: the network path was not found

failed to join domain type or value exists samba

swrast_dri so undefined symbol _glapi_tls_dispatch

failed to load database information crystal reports visual studio 2013

failed to resolve hostname

failed to activate launcher object

hyper-v failed to enable replication using kerberos authentication

systemd journald failed to set file attributes operation not supported

ubuntu failed to load module glx

failed to update . records rcode=2

this document failed to print windows 7

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